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What is Digital Marketing?

In India, there is a misconception among the people about “Digital Marketing” because even most of the well educated people still think that Digital marketing is one of the field work and it involves a lot of travelling through bike to get customers and blah blah. But in reality it is completely an office work with the help of computer and Internet.

So now let’s see the actual meaning of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services by engaging and reaching out to the relevant customers or clients by using Internet through electronic devices like Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets and etc.

What is the Scope after completion of Digital Marketing Course in Kolar ( Bangarpet ) ?

Digital Marketing industry is one of the fastest growing industry in India, as per the survey the Digital marketing industry has created over 1.5 lakh job opportunities in 2016 and surprisingly it has created over 8 lakh jobs in the year 2017 and 2018, In coming years this industry will be growing much more faster than now, as even our Indian government is supporting the Digital India.

Who can join for the Digital Marketing Course in Kolar ( Bangarpet ) ?

To be frank anyone with the basic computer knowledge, Internet and with interest can take up this Digital Marketing course in Kolar(Bangapet).

Are you Job Seeker?

No problem,you can join for the Digital marketing course in Kolar ( Bangarpet ) to get the job with good salary package as Digital marketing is growing faster than ever.

Are you an engineering graduate?

No problem, Digital marketing industry also prefers BE graduates as you guys will be good at understanding new things easily.

Are you an MBA graduate?

We don’t want to say the value of Digital marketing industry to you because you guys know well about it.

Are you a non-graduate or do you hold any other Degree?

No problem, as we mentioned earlier anyone who has interest can join for the course and Digital marketing industry is waiting for you to showcase your talent.

Are you an aspirant Entrepreneur or Businessman?

Digital Marketing course in Kolar ( Bangarpet ) will be helpful for the aspirant Entrepreneur or Businessman in starting or to increase the income by using digital marketing strategies and will fulfil your aspiration of entrepreneurship.

Are you a women or house wife?

No problem, many companies are preferwomen for the digital marketing job as women are having extreme patience in work and many companies providing the opportunity to work from home for womenso no need to worry. Even you can start your own online business from home based on your skills by using digital marketing skill.

Are you fed up with your 9 to 5 job?

If you are fed up and planning or want to quit your 9 to 5 job then Digital marketing course in Kolar ( Bangarpet ) can help you to overcome the Rat race because digital marketing as a power of creating source of income through various ways like Digital marketing consultant, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, and list goes on. YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOUR LIFE. We will help you to start your own business with just ₹50,000 to ₹1, 00,000 Investment and if you work on this for just 6 months then you can earn more than your current job and you can live the life as you wish.

Do you want to earn extra income without leaving your current Job?

Yes it’s possible through Digital marketing. We will help you to gain the knowledge of Digital marketing practically; to earn extra money, you can start implementing these skills through part time Digital marketing consultant from home, Affiliate marketer, from Google Adsense etc without leaving your current job and after certain period of time these income will be more than your salary from the job.

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Digital Marketing Training Institutes and its facts:

We want to be true and straight forward with you so we will be disclosing few facts about Digital marketing institutes.

Facts of Google Search Result:

If you search in Google by typing Digital marketing course in Bangalore, you will get 10 results on the first page of Google so you will think these 10 institutes will be the best in Bangalore in providing Digital marketing course but the fact is big “NO” because all those results are from the process called Search Engine Optimization.

Facts of Rating or Reviews:

If you see, most of the Digital marketing Institutes in Bangalore will be having an average rating of 4.8/5 or even more. Do you think it is true or genuine? Fact is big “NO” apart from few genuine institutes like Digital Vidya and Digital Deepak and few more, remaining most of the institutes are using the following two methods to get those 4.8 or 4.9 Star Ratings and Reviews.

 By using the fake accounts and telling friends or relatives to rate their institute as Best and with 5 stars.
 Forcing the students to rate 4.9 or 5 stars, Forcing? Yes, while giving the course completion certificate they will say you to rate their Digital marketing institute with good review and 5 stars, only after that they will provide you the Digital marketing course completion certificate.

Facts of Placements:

For marketing purpose most of the Digital marketing institutes in Bangalore will be using the Top MNC’s Logos on their website by saying they will provide you the placements in those companies but the fact is none of those companies will prefer fresher to recruit, Yes all those top MNC’s needed at least of 1 or more years of Experience.

Facts of Number of Modules in Digital marketing course:

To trap the students most of the institutes will be mentioning 23 modules,24 modules, even 30 plus modules but the fact is hardly 7 to 8 Modules is in Digital marketing course ( for source check this ) and under those 7 to 8 modules, many sub modules will be there but those Institutes will mention the sub modules asthe major modules to Trap the students because we Indians always prefer “more for less” that is the advantage for such institutes to trap the innocents like you.

And many other facts are there to reveal but we don’t want to spoil their business by revealing more facts of those so called Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Bangalore.

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So now let’s see

How Digify Tech is different from any other digital marketing institutes in providing the value for the students:

 We will cover all the Digital Marketing Modules ( so called 23,24 or 30 plus Modules according to other institutes )
 We are young and energetic team who are constantly learn and unlearn the things to provide the digital marketing course with complete practical knowledge for the students who believe in us.
 We will be providing the hands on experience so that you will feel confident while taking up the job.
 We will provide you the 100% placement assistance in young and energetic start-ups to get much more exposure in Digital Marketing field, and for a fresher we will suggest you to choose start-ups over MNC’s because start-ups has more advantage over MNC’S for a fresher. To know more about the advantages of start-ups job refer yourstory post .
 Our Digital marketing course fees are more than 50% lesser fees than any other Digital marketing Institutes.
 We don’t provide the bookish knowledge, notes which are printed a way long before because we believe that Swimming cannot be learnt by just reading in books, We will like to Swim along with you by showing and training you to how to Swim.
 We are not going to say that we are only the best in Digital Marketing training institute but after completion of the course we are 100% sure that you will sayto us, “you are one among the best institutes in providing the Digital marketing course”.

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